» Segment 1: Project Introduction

Q1. Could you briefly introduce about yourselves as well as your project?

Hello everyone, my name is Isla, I am the marketing manager of NF Pet, glad to be here sharing NF Pet.

The imitation and creativity of the financial field gradually formed the subdivision…

ATTENTION, we’re happy to announce that $NF of NF Pet #ITO Whitelist is now closed! We appreciate everyone who has participated in this event and congratulate the winners, we finally set out “to the Moon’’ on March 18th, 2021.

The NF team is building an unique virtual world where players can use platform tokens to own their virtual pets and profit from it.

NF provides players with a variety of income options, such as referral rewards, game achievement rewards, and content creation rewards.

· Players can contact game friends…

We are super grateful for the attention we got from the crypto community and in order to celebrate that we decided to finally release our ITO details and whitelist requirements.

🔥 Public Sale Details

  • ITO date: March 18, 2021 — April 2, 2021
  • Token supply: 100,000,000 $NF
  • Token price: $0.12
  • Total Quota: 5000 shares…

Upgrades. Players can get corresponding token rewards after each stage is clear.
Pet bonus. Pets of different stages will receive corresponding token rewards after player passed. At the same time, pets will produce tokens every 24 hours.
The higher pets level gets more token rewards.
Equipment bonus. The number of token bonuses obtained by clearing different stages of equipment is also different. When the equipment is damaged, you will not participate in the token bonus. You need to repair it in time and consume a certain amount of token to continue to get it. Higher equipment levels gets more bonus, and the degree of wear are also different.
Referral rewards.
Union income.
Staking rewards.

· Establishing union and upgrading it requires tokens.

· Pet breeding requires a certain amount of token in the synthesis. At the same time, when purchasing or mating pets in the market, the platform will charge 20% of the token for destruction.

· When the player purchases official equipment in the trading market, 100% of the purchased tokens are destroyed, or when the two parties trade on their own, part of the transaction fees is destroyed.

· Token needed to repair damaged equipment and feed pets for growth is destroyed.

· When participating in lending at DeFi Financial Center, the fees required for lending are destroyed.

· When the hidden Boss stage is turned on, the required ticket tokens will be automatically destroyed.

When the player upgrades the experience of fighting monsters, they will also automatically upgrade their pets, which are divided into 6 levels: common, rare, precious, epic, deity, legend. When the player clears the stage, they are rewarded with experience bonuses and tokens.

Equipment can be bought in the store, users…

NF Pet is a round-based game full of memories and highly restored, integrating pet development and strategy. Players act as a trainer, if wild pets are encountered in the pet world, they can be captured and cultivated. The game also implements an evolution system that is loyal to the original…

NF Pet

Digital competitive game with pet raising.

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