NF Pet is a round-based game full of memories and highly restored, integrating pet development and strategy. Players act as a trainer, if wild pets are encountered in the pet world, they can be captured and cultivated. The game also implements an evolution system that is loyal to the original. The evolved pets have brand-new skills and stronger combat capabilities.

Players can use platform tokens to have their own virtual cute pets and profit from it. Token holders can participate in the management of the platform through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where they can exercise voting rights on key decisions of the NF ecosystem. As a player, you can create a character in the game, get a good experience and profit through operations such as killing monsters and upgrading.

Anyone can get NF token rewards through proficient skill and contribution to the ecosystem. All games have a sharing economy supported by NF, including currency purchasing, pets purchasing, pet breeding, DeFi lending, equipment upgrades, staking governance rights, decentralized NF trading market and other practical services and operations. Whether it is the props, equipment, and player accounts in the game, their value can be expressed by non-fungible tokens. All generalized asset circulation behaviors in the game (including prop circulation, asset circulation, scenes such as props falling) are finally settled in the form of digital assets (fungible and non-fungible).

Digital competitive game with pet raising.