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NF Pet
5 min readMar 29, 2021


» Segment 1: Project Introduction

Q1. Could you briefly introduce about yourselves as well as your project?

Hello everyone, my name is Isla, I am the marketing manager of NF Pet, glad to be here sharing NF Pet.

The imitation and creativity of the financial field gradually formed the subdivision of DeFi and gave birth to a new model of DeFi+NFT. It is how the first idea of NF Pet comes out.

NF Pet is a round-based game full of memories and highly restored, integrating pet development and strategy. Our mission is to build an unique virtual world where players can use platform tokens to own their virtual pets and profit from it. Token holders can also participate in the management of the platform through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where they can use voting rights on key decisions of the NF ecosystem. As a player, you can create a character in the game and get a good game experience, make money through operations such as killing monsters and upgrading.

Q2. What makes the NF Pet stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?

NF Pet has many technical highlights, including the new model of DeFi+NFT, an iterative updated smart contract system, nested combination of props, acceptance gateway supporting multi-chain and asset riveting, improved consensus mechanism, visual contract editor, efficient network and high-speed contract virtual machine, multi-chain connection and transaction verification mechanism to prevent BP/developer cheating, asset circulation platform that supports the circulation of multiple digital assets. But I believe the most important is the diversity of gameplay. Besides the common features like same direction projects, NF Pet added breeding, union, staking and DEX.

Q3. Who are some business partner/clients for NF Pet?

The team has successfully got the investment of Canance Capital, Sich Ventures and AC Capital, NF Pet is expected to establish partnerships with Atari, Crypto Kitties and Shaun the Sheep to build an interesting and creative profitable gaming platform.

Q4. What are the memorable milestones of NF Pet in the research and development process?

It is when we decided to combine DeFi and NFT, insert DEX and pet staking to the ecosystem.

Q5. What does NF Pet plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?

NF Pet provides a set of groundbreaking incentives and a multi-level recommendation system, allowing players to obtain revenue from games, social activities and other players’ payment activities. In addition, NF can also provide automatic recommended payment for crypto accounts, internal CPA networks, etc.

» Segment 2: Question From Twitter.

Q1 : Many new projects develop well at first, but then fail to achieve good results. How will you manage and develop your project to gain a position in the market and become a good project in the blockchain industry?

Developing is important, but marketing can’t be neglected. We think that needs a powerful multi-level referral program, payments and achievements of users brought in by developers in any game on the platform will be provided to developers with a certain amount of NF tokens.

A similar referral system is based on a spreading network. When introducing users to spend in the game (actual sales on the platform), players can obtain referrer’s NF tokens. Players can also earn income through different activities (achievements, ranking, market transactions, etc.) on the platform.

NF uses the principle of full-time marketing: players who introduce users to the game get the most income. The system is more effective in attracting and retaining users in the field of electronic games.

Q2: Would you agree with me that adoption and utility are key factors a to project’s survival and success? What’s being done to drive global adoption of amidst crypto regulations, legislation, and competition?

Yes I agree. We are strictly follow local laws and regulations during our global marketing and seeking adoption. But in many district they didn’t set up related laws about crypto yet, I believe with blockchain technology developing and more creative application and adoption coming out, the government will have corresponding measures for its healthy development.

Q3 : The problem with most NFT projects is that they don’t harness the full potentials of NFTs and just sell them as tokens with values. Is NF TOKEN been able to harness the full potentials of NFTs and what are their use cases?

Selling NFTs as tokens with value is the basis feature of NFT. But NF Pet is a game, we have much more use cases.

· Establishing union and upgrading it requires NF tokens.

· Pet breeding and feeding requires NF token in the synthesis.

· Player purchases official equipment requires NF token.

· Repairing damaged equipment.

· Treasure chest consuming NF token to open.

· Participating in staking and lending at DeFi center requires NF token.

· Trading in DEX requires NF token.

· Turning on hidden Boss stage requires NF token.

Q4 : I am a Gamer and also want to generate money through my mobile device from the comfort of my home. What products from the NF TOKEN store are adapted to users like me and how much could we earn per month?

We have several way to earn NF token:

1. Clearance rewards. players can get corresponding token rewards after each stage is cleared.

2. Pet bonus. Pets of different levels will receive corresponding token rewards after players pass the level. At the same time, pets will produce tokens every 24 hours.

3. Equipment bonus. the amount of token bonus obtained by using different equipment is also varying.

4. Referral rewards. NF promotion revenue is 20% for the first referrer, 10% for the 2–5 referrer, 5% for the 6- 10 referrer, 5% for the 11–15 referrer, and 1% after the unlimited referrer.

5. Union Income. Union pets will also produce tokens.

6. Staking rewards. A certain amount of token will get mining pool revenue when participating in staking.

Q5: How are you going to handle your systems if unforeseen problems happen in the future, particularly hacking issues that affect your platform have some of your users personal data? Would be your platform prepared to deal with that sort of situation?

We value the safety of user funds and put it at the forefront of everything we do. We run testnets, conduct 3rd party audits, and have a substantial peer review prior to any code going live on the NF platform. Furthermore, all new code must be reviewed and voted for by the validator group securing and staking NF which includes technically savvy operators. And we are considering multisig scheme to prevent unnecessary private key access in our protocol in future.